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Get Fit--Yoga

How does Yoga help me get fit?

The word “yoga” comes from the word yoke or tie together, as it does with the mind, body, and spirit.  Yoga is the practice of physical poses and postures which creates balance in the body.  By stilling the mind, using postures to develop a fit body, improve health and well being, yoga helps master the body. It also develops strength and flexibility while using controlled breathing. This form of exercise is becoming more main stream even with professional athletes.

There are many types of yoga available.  The simplest and most common are Hatha and Vinyasa.  Hatha is a slow paced gentle form of postures and stretches. This type of yoga is good for beginners.  Vinyasa yoga works on breath synchronization.  It is a more vigorous series of poses.  The movement from pose to pose matches the inhaling and exhaling of the breath.  Most muscle groups are worked in Vinyasa yoga. This form is also more intense than Hatha yoga.

Two additional types of yoga that are more intense are the Power and Hot yoga.  Power yoga entails a set of specific poses in a set order.  There is constant movement.   This is the yoga with a “flow”.  Hot yoga is done in a room with the temperature anywhere from 95 to 100 degrees.
  There are 26 set poses which are designed to loosen the muscles cause profuse sweating.  These two types of yoga are the most demanding and strenuous.
These are the most common types of yoga. Practicing yoga three times a week is the basis for forming a good routine for healthful exercise.  

Yoga has been shown to reduce stress and cortical levels, along with high blood pressure and heart rate.  One of the must important advantages is that it helps slow aging. Done in conjunction with meditation, a general sense of well being will increase.

Many places offer yoga opportunities. They are offered at recreation centers as well as private studios.  Videos and the internet also offer yoga options. There are also a variety of practices.  Some are simple poses and movements while others are more complex and practiced posses.

Yoga makes an overall better you through posses and stretches while focusing on breathing.

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