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How does meditation make me fit?

With the mind controlling our body you can use meditation to create focus and develop self awareness.  It is beyond thinking.  It takes the mind to a state of relaxation and awareness. Additionally meditation stimulates the sense of well-being and creativity. From a physical perspective it helps combat stress and disorders related to stress such as insomnia, anxiety, or high blood pressure.  It is considered a form of body-mind medicine. Often times it is done in conjunction with Yoga.

There are several types of meditation such as breath, object or visualization.  Each of these tries to focus the mind on the here and now.  Breath meditation is the easiest and perhaps simplest form of meditation.  To begin, find a quiet place to sit or lie down.  Close your eyes and start counting how long it takes to inhale, then how long to exhale.  Continue this for ten minutes.  Try not to let you mind wonder to other things.  If it does, focus again on the counting.

Object meditation is often done with lit candles.  Again find a quiet place where you can turn off the lights and light the candles.  Sit in comfortable position and focus on the flame.  Continue this for 10 to 15 minutes.   This takes more focus and practice to maintain.  Once again, if the mind drifts come back to the flame.

Another method of meditation is visualization.  Find a quiet place and sit and close your eyes.  Think about a quiet beautiful place, a sandy beach, a mountain top, a great sunrise or sunset.   Make sure you breathe in a regular pattern.  This will help you focus on your spot.  Try to keep this focus for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remember that all forms meditation need a quiet place, a comfortable relaxed position, with focus on your breath, an object or a place.   As distractions enter gently bring back the focus of the meditation.  Meditation can offer a greater sense of calmness and physical relaxation, particularly immediately following meditation.  Practicing meditation 15 minutes three times a week will show many benefits, mentally and physically, as well as spiritually.

Meditation can make a better you.

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