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Monday, October 20, 2014

Take Stock of Your Stock

The gap in postings is because my 85 year old mother had a knee replacement and I am her go-to caregiver.  During her two hour surgery I kept quite busy answering emails, catching up on other blogs, and off course playing Solitaire.  After Recovery I was sent to see her in her room.  Wow, a pale, tiny, woman without her glasses was lying in the bed with a big bulge around her knee.   Who was this woman who looked old and vulnerable?
My mom drives, keeps her own house, volunteers and belongs to several groups. She is active.   She doesn't lie in hospital beds. 

Each nurse during my mom's three day stay commented on her strength and what great stock I come from.  Darn straight!  My grandmother on that side lived to be 95 and my other grandmother into her late 80's.  Both were living in their own homes when they passed.  That's when I realized, I may come from strong stock and think I have well over 30 more years in me, but I need to stop abusing my body and improve it.

Genetics gives us potential, but what are we doing with it?
Take stock of your stock
I was given brown eyes that are nearsighted and are becoming dryer lately.  Rather than abuse my eyes, I look up from the computer every few minutes and focus on something further away.  I take Omega 3 (Fish oil) as my ophthalmologist recommended for dryness.  And I get yearly check ups.
My knees don't give me any problems (thanks, Dad), but I don't aggravate them either.  I'm trying to get my weight down so they don't have to carry around so much.  I walk rather than run.
I get a yearly physical so I know my numbers.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI are critical indicators of our health.  Know these numbers as well as you know your credit score (you do monitor that, too, don't you?) and figure out how to keep them in the healthy range.
Think about your parents and their health. Do they stand straight or are they hunched?  Are they on oxygen or able to walk freely? Do they have Type 2 Diabetes?

What have you inherited from them? 

Whatever it is, are you improving upon it? 

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