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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Don’t Have Time!

Everyone wants a piece of my time: my kids need me to babysit the grandkids, my mother needs to be taken to the doctor, my husband expects food in the house, my friends want to meet for lunch. And I need to fit in a hair appointment, Book Club, volunteering, gardening, and maybe a load of laundry.   While I agree with yesterday’s post about health taking discipline, where do I find 30 minutes of exercise?

Every expert and article will say to schedule it.  Put it on the calendar just like a doctor’s appointment.  When I do this, it actually works. Just like nothing supersedes Book Club, nothing overwrites my time for a walk. And once the dog goes twice, he demands the schedule to be kept. Certain times of the year I am a morning person and like going out in the crisp air while it’s still quiet before the neighborhood wakes.  But when it’s still dark in the morning, forget it; I’m not going. Then I realize it’s time to switch to before or after dinner.  No matter when, if it is on the calendar equal to any other appointment, keep it just like any other appointment.  Your heart and health are equally as important as any other event scheduled in your life.

Another trick to getting those 30 minutes is to buddy up.  Once someone is counting on you to show up, it’s harder to sit on the couch with another cup of coffee. The dog is a great buddy and can give guilt, but it’s best to have a buddy who can use a phone, nag, and express disappointment in your native language. A spouse is a good choice as long as you cannot manipulate one another. Talking each other out of the walk because it looks like it might rain is not an effective buddy system. A great choice is a non-roommate.  Someone you must commit to, but who may not love you unconditionally.

A year ago a friend, who lives far enough away we have to drive to each other’s house, became my walking buddy.  One week I would go to her house to walk a 45 minute route in her area.  The next week we met at my house.  We always met outside so there was no temptation to sit down, shoot the breeze, and have a cup of coffee. I had to be ready and out the door when she drove up.  It was a great system.
Ok, so what happened?  Life!  Holidays, vacations, flu.  Then we were out of the habit. 
To be disciplined enough to be healthy and keep my heart strong for babysitting, doctor appointments and Book Club; I am scheduling my walk on the calendar.

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