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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Health Takes Discipline

One word you never hear used in health is discipline.  And yet that is what it takes – discipline.
Why should we be surprised when every success requires discipline of some sort?  Get to school on time, turn assignments in on time, raise our hands to speak, walk on the right side of the hall. Get to work on time, follow orders, and meet deadlines.  Relationships require a certain amount of discipline: don’t forget birthdays and anniversaries, listen carefully and follow orders.  As an adult we are expected to keep our homes clean, take out the trash, and raise our children to be respectful and disciplined.
And yet when it comes to our health some of us resist the required discipline.  Is it because it’s the one area we have complete control over? We may have control over our bodies, but without discipline we will have weak, sickly bodies. To age with grace and strength embrace body discipline, just like building a career, saving for retirement, not swearing in front of the grandchildren.

 Health Discipline

  1.  Floss teeth at least once daily, if not twice.  Studies show this actually protects the heart from rogue bacteria that can cause infections or stick in the valves. 
  2.  Move for 30-45 continuous minutes a day.  The heart is a muscle needing exercise.  Walk the dog, walk with a friend to help her develop discipline. 
  3. Eat 5 veggies a day.  The vitamins real veggies provide are like gold to our bodies.  Try to get all 5 as fresh, crunchy vegetables.  They won’t have the nutrients cooked out of them and the rawness will keep the intestines and colon in shape digesting them.  Now that’s a type of exercise you can do in front of the try it. 
  4. Take a daily multi-vitamin.  Even though you eat the 5 veggies, a multi-vitamin can provide nutrients t’s easy to overlook without getting crazy about food planning and tracking. 
  5.  Take Omega 3 fats.  Cold-water fish are the richest dietary source of omega 3 fats, yet due to so much contamination of waters cold and warm water fish are often not as safe as a supplement.  Omega 3 fats decrease inflammation which leads to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and improves brain function, raises HDL cholesterol while lowering LDL cholesterol. 
  6.  Get a yearly physical.  In order to be healthy, you must know your critical numbers.  How is your blood sugar level? Cholesterol? Blood pressure? Resting heart rate? 
  7. Drink water. 6-8, 8 ounce glasses a day hydrate the skin, eyes, and inner body parts.  For every cup of coffee or soda, drink a full glass of water.  Take your vitamins and fish oil with a full glass of water.   

This list of chores would not take much time out of our day. Toss back some supplements, pack a few baggies of crunchy veggies, take a walk and floss while standing on one foot (it helps balance tremendously! )  So many of our inner organs would be healthier and in return we feel better and more energized.  

This blogger is going to take this challenge and follow health discipline for one week to see how hard it is.  It has to be easier than making the bed, doing the dishes after every meal, picking up the newspaper very day, putting the dirty clothes in the hamper,  feeding the dog, grocery shopping, laundry……

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